KB – Can Presenter work in a network? J’en conclue qu’il date un peu Utile pour les pages très chargées. Le meilleur des deux mondes quoi! Web Creator intègre de puissants outils graphiques pour faire un site vraiment pro:

Nom: lmsoft web creator pro 4
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Commenter la réponse de pepe. Patience, persévérance, logique et motivation! Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour un site pro. KB – Message about a missing file when preparing for the Web. Si vous êtes bien servis ailleurs, rien ne vous empêche de continuer. Intégrez facilement les nouveautés du web dans votre site. A savoir qu’avec le ridicule mode d’emploi qui est fourni j’ai déjà eu des problèmes.

Consulter la base de connaissances pour un accès creatkr aux solutions aux problèmes techniques et d’utilisation courants. Install the latest update before posting a ticket KB – How do I make a link to an MP3 music file in order to make it available for download?

KB – Can I insert frames or forms, transactional pages, or data-acquisition pages? KB – Can I create menus with scrolldown sub-menus? KB – How can I delete a page from a project? KB – How can I add the time, the date, or a calendar? KB creatpr How to insert a plug-in such as Flash? KB – How do I insert a tiled background?

KB – Once I get the home page just the way I want it, is there a way to copy this page so that I can use it as the ceeator for all of my other pages? KB – How can I have a sound play continuously over multiple pages without interruption? KB – How can I avoid having a slider on the right of text? lmdoft

Aide pour Web Creator Pro 4

KB – Sending a form by e-mail, empty body, blank body. KB – Can I change page names? KB – Can I cut and paste from other Windows applications? KB – How can I crfator a guest book where visitors can give their opinion?


lmsoft web creator pro 4

KB – How can transparent areas be defined for images? KB – How do I insert a Java applet? KB – Links to download Web Creator 2 and its components. KB – Text disappears and strange characters appear when reopening a project.

KB – Message about a missing file when preparing for the Web. KB – In the registration box, the four greyed-out numbers are not the same ones as my serial number. Configuring a connection, which files to transfer, where? Install the latest update before posting a ticket KB – Common transfer issues and solutions: KB – How can I register a domain name?

KB – How can I host the site with the domain name I registered? KB – Error message while trying to connect to my host. KB – Error or otherwise while trying to view the site. KB – How to upload your website: KB – How to: Setup a search engine for your website Version 5 KB – Important: KB – Creatot message: KB – Is there a manual for Web Creator? Highlight the current page in a menu KB – How to: KB – Common transfer issues and solutions: Page title, keywords, H1, H2 tags etc.

KB – How can I enlarge a photo? KB – How can I create tables? KB – Can publication sizes be changed?

KB – Can I print the pages of my project? We – Will the fonts used in the project publication be transported with the distribution?

WebCreator – Logiciel de création de sites web

KB – I am unable to open the manual. KB – When I install the Service Pack, the installation program requests that I register the program even though it has already been registered. KB – Key lost or missing from package.

KB – How do I set up Presenter in a network? KB – I have created a publication that launches three other applications from buttons. KB – Can Presenter work in a network? KB – How can I distribute the work created with Presenter? KB – What components have to be installed before running the publication on crator client computer?


Web Creator Pro 4 de LMSOFT [Résolu] – Forum Logiciels

KB – Can I launch another program from Presenter? KB – If a publication wsb shared on a network, how can I be sure that everyone who wants to execute it will have all the tools to view it properly? Is this possible with Presenter? KB – What is the size of the executables created by Presenter? KB – Can completed publications be compressed? KB ceeator What operating system does Presenter require? KB – Can I open and close applications with Presenter without having to intervene continuous presentation that functions by itself and opens or closes applications like Excel, Netscape, etc.

KB – Can an application created in  »Demo » mode be recreated without the Presenter logo appearing as with the one was recorded, or does the presentation have be restarted with the recorded version? Install the latest update before posting a ticket KB – Error message: BC – Comment puis-je effacer une page de mon projet?

BC – Comment faire jouer un son sur plusieurs pages sans interruption?

lmsoft web creator pro 4

BC – Peut-on modifier le nom d’une page? BC – Erreur ou autre en tentant de voir le site. BC – Comment peut-on agrandir une photo?

BC – Peut-on changer la taille d’un projet ou publication? BC – Y a-t-il un manuel avec Web Creator? BC – Peut-on imprimer les pages d’un projet? BC – Je suis incapable d’ouvrir le manuel.