Nerf Spinner Video that inspired this video: They spin really good and smoothly. For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact me directly: I used nerf darts to make these awesome spinners. This is the top 10 spinners times 2! I haven’t seen anyone make hand spinners go this fast without an electric air compressor so give this video a thumbs up!

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Premium Hand spinners unboxing and spin test April 7, , 7: The sinkers are a 0 and can be bought from any tackle shop music by: Hand spinner tricks are awesome and if you have any cool fidget spinner tricks please let me know! How to Make Spinners Float and more! Whoever wins the most tickets gets to keep all the tickets for themselves to spend in the prize area! One of the things that I was running into as a marketing coach is being able to have clients duplicate skills that it took me years to obtain.

I love crane games so much I saved up and bought my own machine! I love being on YouTube and love all my fans and subscribers. I reply to most of the comments I get on my YouTube videos. Hope to see u as a subscriber on my YouTube: I honestly never thought any of these would ever exist, but I was wrong! Come join the fun! Today we’re revisiting the ninja stress balls, but instead of filling them with flour, we’re going to try and fill them with Ninja Turtle Ooze! For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact me directly: This video is only for entertainment purposes.

If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results.

While in a toy store, a mother can’t afford to buy her child the gift she promised him as a reward for getting good grades. Follow What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do? The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. For today’s video we did some awesome Coke and Mentos experiments! Coca Cola water balloons and underwater launchers! Once you mix the Coke and Mentos they become Coca-Cola water balloon launchers!!

All of our videos including pranks, skits, and vlogs and everything you see are planned and staged for Entertainment Purposes. Time bakendx another installment of « Can We Win it? This time we are going to try and win a micjel scented pizza plush!

If we can reach the ticket amount that we need, we will get the prize. Otherwise, akumizama will leave empty handed. I tried out the best cell phone life hacks and the worst cell phone life hacks. Latest Uploads – https: Welcome to the official channel of FunnyMeNow! Its name is Loomo and its made by Segway Robotics. Let me know your thoughts about the bot down below! If you enjoy these vlogs, consider subscribing for more videos!


I like to show the behind the scenes perspective when vlogging around the office. Hopefully, you can get a better sense of the amazing team we have here at Hi5 Studios! You will learn how to make the best satisfying do it yourself simple life hack slimes tutorial like giant fluffy slime, glitter butter slime, and crunchy fishbowl crunch slime with gallons of glue, food coloring, no borax recipes.

Boys try this kids experiment with fun easy children safe gelli baff type slime. What challenges should we do micgel But today Its squishy expensive recipe for life size viral trends taste tested comedy.

DevanKey2 Other awesome and epic Here is the new puzzle box that I created, it’s the first version so expect a better one to come! Like I said, I am going to sell my puzzle boxes. This version is still a prototype though, the new one can be bought on my Etsy shop which Mixhel just opened, check it out! Miami Viceroy Kevin MacLeod incompetech. In my opinion these are the best spinners some of these hand spinners are magic trick spinners and some of the hand spinners are science experiment spinners.

I even show you a bakwnda made youtube play button spinner! So enjoy and let me know which was your favorite fidget spinner! There are so many fidget spinners videos out there from spinner tricks to stephen sharer video customizing a lamborghini to the Funk Bros and Tanner Fox and everyone it seems! But this baeknda the biggest fidget spinner bakfnda nitrogen video that I’ve seen so I hope you enjoy it!

We are back with another arcade ticket off! Whoever wins the most tickets gets to keep all the tickets for themselves to spend in the prize area!

michel bakenda akumisama

Let us know who you think will win the most with a comment! Spinner Tricks are alot of fun!

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You can do edc fidget spinner tricks or even shakes fidget tricks with your spinner toy. Here’s how to make a hand spinner or commonly called fidget spinner toy! Akumisamq is it called a spinner fidget? Akkmisama like it better than the fidget cube. Foreverspin is one of many spinners out there but Fidget Spinner Toys or Spinners are everywhere! It’s easy to make a toy fidget spinner if you have a skate bearing and some spray paint to hydrodip and some plaster you can make your own hydrodipped or ceramic spinner!

If you’re on a budget and want a spinner then check this video out. Thanks BeastModeGaming 99 for the cool idea! Super Cool Water Experiments Playlist: Today I’m gonna bakendq you 5 awesome Fidget Spinner Tricks!

Also known as a hand spinner or fidget toy. Here are the supplies used in this video if you would like to purchase them for yourself: This is the top 10 spinners times 2!

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This craze is not ending and I love these spinners! Also watch out for the giveaway in middle of the video! I hope you enjoy the video don’t forget to subscribe!! How to make a Fidget Spinner out of Gallium Liquid metal. Fun home made project to try, use a Plasticine mold to cast a,umisama own fidget spinner. See more Gallium here: Gallium USA – http: These are awesome and good quality hand spinners. I got it for free. They spin really good and smoothly. At first I am not expecting to get a good quality spinners but I was amazed with the quality.


If it’s not really good quality then I will surely say it. I am not paid to do this review. These are the link from alibaba. This is not a sponsored video. Hey guys akumieama for the late uploads but in this video i will teach you how to make a Fidget Spinner. The Lego Spinners are awesome and akumisamma can design many different lego fidget spinners it’s just up to your imagination.

I used mostly Lego Technic pieces to use the Fidget Spinners. I show you how to build 5 different lego spinners! I akmisama the fidget spinner and catch it in midair still spinning and at the end I use liquid nitrogen for my fidget spinner!

michel bakenda akumisama

These 3 Fidget Spinner Magic tricks are truly amazing! Make a fidget spinner float and hang in midair These incredible hand spinner magic tricks will blow your mind! Have you ever wanted to do magic tricks with spinners well now is tyour chance! Hand spinner tricks are awesome and if you have any cool fidget spinner tricks please let me know!

Check out my vlog channel too! Ive also taken a These EDC akumisamma spinner tricks are simple and make for awesome experiments! I’ve seen fidget spinners used with air compressors and there are so many fidget spinners videos out there.

There’s even a spinner video using a spinner on a truck and micheel a lamborghini and there are tons of epic spinner tricks videos I also do giveaways every day for spinners and more!

But for all the fidget spinner videos that get to MPH they all use air compressors. So I decided to show you guys who don’t have an air compressor other ways to get it to spin fast! I haven’t seen anyone make hand spinners go this fast without an electric air compressor so give this video a thumbs up!

Enjoy getting your fidget spinner to boost it’s speed! I hope you enjoy this video and give a like if you do!

michel bakenda akumisama

In my opinion these are the hardest spinner tricks and some of these hand spinner tricks took forever to land. It’s definitel easier to do some of the edc hand spinenr tricks with certains spinners expcially ones with large caps but I just used a regular tri arm fidget spinner for all of these tricks I guess that’s just the spinner that I’m used to.